Digital Psychology

E-Learning & LIVE Classes

May-Jun 2019

Enjoy the online editions of DBC1 and DBC2 with live weekly tutorials, a bonus course on essential skills, and optional certification.

Your training package includes

1. DBC1 and DBC2 (Online)

Enjoy the same DBC1 and DBC2 courses with over 15 hours of online training that includes educational videos, reinforcement exercises, accompanying cheat sheets, and study guides.

2. Weekly live tutorials

To strengthen your learning, each course includes weekly live tutorials where we review the latest lessons, go over student questions, and hold interactive group exercises. They’re recorded.

3. Digital Skills Bootcamp

To ensure students can translate our digital psychology training into prototyping tools, we’re throwing in a bonus course on essential hands-on technical skills.

4. Optional certification

All participants receive 3 free attempts to complete our certification test, along with a final coaching tutorial to help you prepare.


Training Schedule (May-Jun2019)

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What’s the average time commitment per week?
Once you register, you can take the courses at your own pace. However, we suggest that you follow our training schedule, requiring 4.5 to 6 hours per week. Each week there is a 1-hour live tutorial that covers roughly 3.5 hours of e-learning videos. If you wish to take the optional UX prototyping course, then add an extra hour per week. If you do the exercises, add another half hour.

What if I can’t attend the live tutorials or class?
All live sessions are recorded. If you have any scheduling conflicts, just send your questions/comments to our private Facebook group in advance. We’ll go over your contributions, and then you can watch the live tutorials/classes whenever convenient.

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