Master digital psychology through a blend of online courses, weekly live tutorials, and hands-on training.

Your training package includes

1. Online courses for DBC1 and DBC2


Enjoy the same DBC1 and DBC2 courses with over 15 hours of online training that includes educational videos, reinforcement exercises, accompanying cheat sheets, and study guides.

We’re constantly updating the content, so you’ll get 24 hour on-demand access to our training portal with two years of access to all the latest updates, content revisions, and training resources.

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2. Weekly live tutorials

Weekly live tutorialsTo help reinforce your learning, each course includes weekly live tutorials where we review the main points from the latest training, go over any particular questions, and do interactive exercises.

Dr. Cugelman runs the tutorials through a blend of structured content reviews while also adapting content to participants’ needs. 

If you can’t make our live tutorial, no problem. Post your questions to our private Facebook group and watch the recording after.

3. Digital Skills Bootcamp bonus course

To ensure students can translate our digital psychology training into standard industry prototyping tools, we’re throwing in a live course every week covering interactive prototyping and other technical design skills to empower participants to apply the psychological strategies covered in the core course.

This is entirely a student-directed course, fine-tuned based on a needs assessment of what technical skills participants need support with the most to boost the odds the training will help your precise needs.

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4. Optional certification test

All participants receive 3 free attempts to complete our certification test, along with a final coaching tutorial to help you prepare.

Add our Psychological Architect Certificate (CX-DPA)TM  and the Digital Psychology Certificate (CX-DP)TM  to your list of formal qualifications. 



Helping you succeed

We’ve designed our online training and support program to maximize your success through a combination of self-paced online training and weekly live tutorials. You’ll have the flexibility to learn when it suits you and our tutorial schedule will keep you on top of the content so you can complete the course faster. And, if you wish to upgrade your qualifications, you’ll be ready to take the certification test. 

Our weekly hands-on tutorials are tailored to students’ specific learning needs to ensure everyone learns how to apply psychology to their interactive projects. Enjoy a live format with whiteboard videos, interactive prototyping exercises, and opportunities to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.


Focused learning schedule

To keep you focused and engaged, our fixed tutorial schedule will keep you on track and ready to take your certification exam.


Downloadable study resources

You’ll have access to our suite of templates, cheat sheets, wireframing tools, and prototyping templates. 

Private community

Access weekly tutorials in a private Facebook group to ask questions, share examples, and catch up on sessions you may have missed.