After our first live session, here are some actions to take, and a few updates:

  1. Complete your needs assessment here. I’m using this to finalize the skills class: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19Z8T4pu0HFyJGbn30rV8rrm7JEf72mbGbfGiIPPsEsA
  2. We’re moving to Zoom for all live video tutorial. We’ll post them in the Facebook group after editing. Please meet in Facebook for the next tutorial and we will share the links in there.
  3. To improve communications, we’ve updated the student lounge. On the right, you’ll find URGENT STUFF, messages, and key downloads. https://academy.alterspark.com/my/student-lounge/
  4. For communications, we will use email and the student lounge for critical messages. We will use Facebook for classes, questions, comments, answers, etc….
  5. After our first class, we fixed a few issues. Thanks for the feedback. Let me know if anything looks off, confusing, or not up to standard. Also, if you can think of anything that will make this a better learning experience, let me know.
  6. On Thursday, I will share the needs assessment findings, and discuss the proposed lessons for the Digital Skills Bootcamp with you. After, I will start with essential wireframing, UI, and prototyping skills, as the bare minimum that we all need to know.

See you Thursday at 13:00 EST.

Warm regards,